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Originally posted by plbman
I'm having a strange problem with the electronics in my TC3. I've been using these electronics for a couploe years now and never had a problem. However, today I started working on moving everything over to a new car. My current car is a plain old Factory Team TC3. The new car is a TC3 with a carbon fiber BMI Racing chassis.

I installed the electronics in the new car and powered everything up without any problems. The problem happens, as I add throttle. The motor as well as the steering will periodically glitch for about half a second. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it does it although it seems like its more prevelent at higher speeds. Obviously, at speed on the track this could spell disaster

Could the carbon fiber chassis be making my reciever glitch? Both the receiver and transmitter are JR Racing units and they're only a couple of years old.
yes the CF chassie could cause glitching. It acts like a conductor. try useing at least three pieces of servo tape when mounting your electronics. Or get a yokomo noise filter they run about 20 bucks from speedtech.

good luck
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