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Originally Posted by cementsurfer86 View Post
I couldn't agree more. That's what I set out to show last season, that you don't need to throw down mass coin to be competitive and have fun.
As of February, last season (When I had to stop for the year-new baby), the top two cars in Scale Spec points were Mi1's. Myself and my teammate Phil.

I've been playing with the Mi1 in Stock TC this season, to see if I could get a nice baseline for a novice to move up, and as a holdover until I was able to pick up the Mi5. I'll post that setup as well.
If on road keeps growing in my area I plan to pick up an Mi5! I hadn't raced on road carpet in a few years that's why I went with the Mi1 for now. I'm running it as a mod/foam tire car cause that's still what we race here in potato land. haha
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