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Default 1/10 touring car Setup system compatible with SAE 8/32 threaded axles?

Specifically I want to get a setup system to use with my Nitro tc3. I have found several threads that state the integy universal setup station system for 1/10 touring cars comes with thumbscrews that have ďstandardĒ 8/32 threads. Could anyone out there confirm for me, through personal experience, that this:

I had a link to the website but I'm not allowed to post links because of my low number of posts... I guess the product number will suffice...

Item#: INT C24014LIGHTBLUE Barcode: 91789010862

is this the exact system that comes with those 8/32 thumbscrews?

I really donít want to give integy business since they have such an appalling habit of not answering customer email, mine included. But I am tired of searching for a compatible system. I contacted Hudy about this issue and they were very friendly but their answer was less than satisfying. Basically they told me that they donít remember any of the team associated drivers having any problems with the system circa 2003. That wasnít an assuring enough answer for me to place an online order for one of their systems and then possibly have to ship it internationally for a return. Especially since I think they were probably using the old lexan/acrylic system back in '03. This is the aluminum hudy system I was looking at, Iím sure many of you are familiar:

Hudy Universal Exclusive Set-up System for 1/10 Touring Cars

I was also looking at a yeah racing setup but also received a dismissive answer from the company soÖ

If someone could tell me exactly which setup system they have used with an Ntc3 with 8/32 axles I would be extremely grateful! It would be really nice if that system was still available for purchase right now and can ship internationally since I live in South Korea.
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