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Originally Posted by Lessen View Post
The problem you are highlighting is not the fact that new guys aren't getting up to speed fast, but that new guys aren't content being slow, and... AND that folks tend to support (via statements like that), that if newbies aren't getting competitive quickly, then they're certainly not having fun. It's typical American instant gratification that we feed when we continue to make excuses for the learning curve instead of making ground. Guess what?.. this shiat is hard, and there's a pretty good chance that if you plug away at it for 5 years, then at your very best you still may be in the bottom 35%. That's what rookies need to know, and furthermore, what they need to accept. If they're trying, failing, but not having fun; they're in the wrong game. That's all there is to it really.
Actually, you're totally wrong about what I'm saying and your attack on America in General would get you punched in the i would recommend not doing it. I'm saying there are no beginners classes , veterans are sandbagging stock and there is no way to practice (around here at least) unless you own your own private indoor track. But yeah, go ahead and talk to noobs like you wrote there..not real positive and supportive. I'd put someone like you in the wall just for giggles.
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