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Well this all makes for interesting reading. It's great to hear all of these different experiences and opinions from around the world. The fact that pretty much everyone has an opinion on this topic is one of the reasons I chose to write that article. However I never expected it to make it onto an RCTech thread. =]

I think I've made my point in the article so I won't add anything other than my experience racing at EWS today. I'm not the fastest or most experienced and was placed accordingly in heat 2, stock and wow what a great group of respectful drivers. I don't think there was a single incident during our qually all day just plenty of smiling, communication and even hand shaking after the race for respectful driving. The way we described this in the pits was that no one was trying too hard or taking a do or die attitude. Ultimately I believe that we had all come racing for the same reason.
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