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Originally Posted by Erasus View Post
Hey eunique, thanks for the reply!

Please keep in mind that I am running only on smooth, fine sandpaper like concrete, not carpet, I will, however , try out these raikous.

From what I`ve read, the D70SB will be the tires to go for me, it seems.

And finally, thanks for the explanation of the KPI Knuckles. But couldnt the stock knuckles be used to KPI by deleting the c-hub, using a ball cup in the lower hole of the knuckle and use an extension arm on the upper side to offset the knuckle?
yes those Raikous will be great! They are not just for carpet. There are a lot of drifters out here in my area also that go almost every weekend in concrete and asphalt like you describe and have been using the Raikoudrifttires with great success and like I said hold up very well longevity-wise and grip/slip. Tengu Drift Club here almost use those tires exclusively in all types of surfaces.

Yesn essentially how you are describing, if you mod the stock and use them that way then it will give you the same offset essentially and use them for long as you have the offset between top and bottom kingpins.

Originally Posted by Erasus View Post
Another question popped into my mind:

Posican refers to positive camber, right? So Caseymacguyvers horizontal Damper Setup (aka the anti- anti- roll bar ) is not an essential part to go posican, ist this correct?

Also, does Posican mean positive camber in neutral wheel position or at full lock? If it is the second, Isn`t KPI basically Posican, as it kinda"tilts" the tires into the steering, resulting the wheels to lean over into a positive camber?
yes, for posican, you do need the horizontal dampers to give you more of that positive camber on the inner turning wheel while giving you negative camber on the outer wheel. You will get some of that in a KPI mod if your wheels dont have much of a negative camber when oointing straight, but when set at negative camber which would be ideal for drifting, you won't get much posican. And the whole setup changes and the way the suspension reacts when using, no they will not be the same.

You dont necessarily need to go posican if you like the way KPI handles. I decided to try it on mine and like the changes even though the initial cost drove up to be able to do it. I did have a lot of the parts already as spares so I went ahead and did it.
That's what makes this hobby great...tons of options and not just one "correct way to set up." Ultimately your driving style and practice is what will get you good at it.
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