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Depends on what surface you drift on and what kind of slipperyness (is that even a word??) you want I guess. A lot of people recommend HPI T-Drift tires for general purpose, both on carpet and on smooth to rough concrete. Also Yokomo seems to be a rather common choice for tires.
Tamiya super driftech tires also seem to be quite common, though they are 24mm.
I dont have any experience with all of these though because I still am an absolute beginner and the price tag of most "PRO" tire sets is a bit too high for my taste for gettting the general hang of drifting.

I personally use self made tires made of PE tubing. I think it is either PE90 or PE100 tubing, which translates into hard tires. I chew through tires at an alarming rate (smooth, not polished conrete in a skate park) and buying them is just too expensive for me. I am paying ~5 bucks per set (4), opposed to most aftermarket tire sets for 10 bucks up. It adds up q uickly when you are wasting tires like me.

I recon you might want to use some medium to soft tires (no rubber!), since you say the stock tires are too slippery for your taste. Also for beginners I would try to get cheap tires until you get the hang of drifting and can start to fine tune your car to your likings.

My tires tend to spin on the rims and I do not know how to stop them from doing so. Tried superglue but aside from making an absolute mess, they still move on the rims. Has anyone an idea how to fix that? Was thinking about putting some rubber O rings between rims and tires?



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