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WOW! I'm about agree with vtl1180ny!!

Although my time in RC racing is short compared to many, I think I need to agree that running bodies with names of vehicles they only have a passing resemblance to seems a bit ridiculous.

In fact I can't see the reasoning that the so-called "handling bodies" shouldn't be used.

Originally posted by vtl1180ny
Maybe it's time we get away from copying full size vehicles by name.... Let's face it, I was comparing my sister in law's Stratus to (sorry Dale) one of my Protoform Stratus bodies and you really need to look hard to see the resemblance... I was checking out a Mazda 6 on the road and the same holds true.... Car manufacturers have been copying each other's body styles for years and giving it a new name, time for us to do the same.... Sorry to the big auto makers, no more royalty money for you....

I really think the idea of running different style bodies for different classes is a good idea... Look at the real world... TC is pretty much stock (27 turn motors anyone?) GT is kinda stock, but they are performance cars (19 turn??) GTP is the big boys, all out HP, aerodynamics and performance (Low turn mods...) We could probably even equate it into Nitro by means of 2 speed and engine choice.... I think it'd be a lot more fun to watch and would give spectators a better show... Let's face it, to us we can sit and watch a day's worth of Mazda 6's race and pretty much figure out what class we are watching, Jon Q Public can't....

Touring Cars are still an extremely new class compared to everything out there.... I ran into some old RC mag's from around 92 and it's a huge change....
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