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Originally Posted by nickdawg18 View Post
I don't have a dedicated pit guy either. I have found out some people just flat out will not do it. Last weekend I asked about 5 guys to pit for me. All said no. So I couldn't even run nitro. Had to run electric only.
This x 10.

The bottom line is you should have a plan BEFORE you even show up to the race or there's a good chance you will be bitten in the ass. Either bring someone with you, or have someone who has committed themselves to pitting for you that will be there.

Even if you do find a random person at the track, you have to ask yourself: Do really want to trust some random person with your pitting? Handling a nitro main start properly, doing smooth and fast pit stops, etc. I've had terrible luck with finding random people (Just because of their inexperience with nitros. After all, the experienced nitro guys are probably going to be racing against you.)

Originally Posted by artis1 View Post
I do have an idea though maybe someone can establish this... What if the race coordinators set up available pit personnel for an additional fee to the nitro racers that needed a dedicated Pit person. I think if someone packaged it right it would fly. Perhaps set it up to where the hired Pit Service would include not only Pit service but also marshalling. That would be schweet!
That would just open the doors for people to complain about unfair pitting. That's why the old system works... it's your pit guy, your responsibility, it's who you trust. Blame yourself if it's a bad pit.
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