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For EWS I'd really recommend staying with the short links at the bulkhead. Actually trying to run long there is a right pain because the thread on the ball stud hits the tensioner cams so you either have to dremmel some thread off or run too many spacers. I have some spare studs cut down for making the change but always end up back on short anyway.
At the winter national I ran long rear at the hub but went back to kit towards the end of the weekend and del it was better with the grip higher so I'd be tempted to just leave it there.

For me, on the EWS track, I found the biggest 2 things to help were running 0.5mm more under the front ball stud than the rear and 1.5d fr camber and 1.8d rr camber, 5.0mm fr ride height 5.25 rr ride height. Rest of it was basically Identical to that hardman setup.

I totally agree that measuring droop over ride height is an easy way to do it, but if you are more comfortable using a gauge then 6fr 4.5rr measured on the wishbone directly under the outer pin should be a good starting point for Sorex tyres at EWS.
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