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Originally Posted by 84 GT 5.0 View Post
what would it take to convert a 3.0 nitro car to a 3.0 electric?

motor mount
center dog bones

am i missing something?
I just finished making my own conversion to a true E 3.0. The E chassis comes with the battery foam, so dont buy extra. Battery tray comes with the extra foam for shifting the battery around, the radio box set comes with the center diff plate and wire holder, motor mount, chassis brace set, shock pistons for the five hole. The bigger sway bars came in your nitro kit. Shock towers if you didnt already modify the nitro ones. Side guards, body, E rear center drive shaft. Use the rear nitro for the front on the E buggy. Get the dedicated screws for the battery tray and the side guards, also you'll need the metric screws for mounting the motor to the motor mount. I think that should do it.
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