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Being realistic for a moment here all these cars are great:

Serpent Impulse
Kyosho V1R(R)
Mugen MTX2
Associated NTC3
Yokomo GT4

You will have a solid base to learn on if you buy these cars. Get one which you can get parts for since as a newbie you will break things regularly to start with.

Forget the hype of which car is doing best at what track because at our track the MTX2 is the fastest car, then V1RR then NTC3. It depends on what track, who is driving, which country etc etc. When the next nitro tourer comes out people will be saying it is the best, etc etc. The Mugen is an older car (2+ years) and so is the serpent and they still have what it takes to win. Get a car from the above list which you like and you can get parts for.
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