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Originally Posted by asc6000 View Post
no need for those kind of comments, I would feel the same if I lived next door to you. I tend to take the road less travelled.
Nice choice of vehicle there

Maybe should have been a bit more specific.......American mainstream manufacturers .

There are a distinct difference in the way of thinking and constructing a lot of things in the US and Europe/Japan.
In the US engines are designed to be shimmed to spec and thereby never really "wear out" as over here it's manufactured to have as tight a clearance as possible and when wear occurs you swap the part.
Different thinking........mostly the same end result

But with R/C cars I recently prefer the latter

I have no griefs with Made In The US at fact I died a little when my favorite bike brand for the last 20 years "sold out" to the far miss the Handmade in the US Cannondale's.

That's why I'll never sell my 2 bikes as I will never be able to buy another that's made and assembled in the US

Originally Posted by protc3 View Post
No doubt, xray quality is great. But do understand that there are very few companies out there who do there own in house manufacturing, US or anywhere outside of china. But there are some companies like mine who do it all in house. My quality along with the other select few is very high and tolerances are very tight. I am the 1st to say though, Xray quality is great. Just pointing out that not all US companies sold out to china.
Agree 100%......and cudos for not "selling out" just to make more money

I love the work of Exotek for one........very high quality aluminum and carbon fiber and excellent machining as well.

"Sponsored" them with A LOT of my own money ever since they came out with the buggy conversion for the Mini-T

Never tried any of your products but they do look to be of high quality

I have a friend in the dental business that supply replacement teeth and caps to Norwegian dentists and all "his work" is made in the far east.
Even with UPS shipping back and forth he gets his products way faster then through any manufacturer over here and at a fraction of the cost
Good for him........but sadly not for the Norwegian industry/workers

Now back on topic

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