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Originally Posted by aloksatoor View Post
You mean US owned china made :P. All the homegrown US based shops who do their machining inhouse are as close or better than xrays machining. Definately the aluminum used by xray is not as good (I broke two rear uprights on the xray 808e aluminum machined but never any plastics thats a 50$ part each!!).

Aftermarket machined cf/aluminum parts are some of the best here BCE chassis, team SR towers. If I followed xray recommendations for their xb4 front towers I would be 200$ poorer by now and left with shards of CF haha the 4mm team sr tower works like a charm!!
WE used to run the SR we run the Ralls Racing and DMS towers with the extra camber link holes and tower brace

It's one thing the Americans love and the Europeans hate......shimming !

I sold US cars for a living for a few years and I work on them from time to time now.
I also have an uncle that used to build, service and rebuild marine engines and the difference between a European made and US made motor is hard to miss......sorry

And this from a former die hard AE fan (who got tired of all the slop)

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