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Originally Posted by asc6000 View Post
I'm old enough to disregard the mfgs' recommendations. For better or worse I grew up in my dads machine shop so I learned about tolerances at a young age. I allow for heat expansion but if I think there is too much slop... I'll shim. Yes the new bevel is thicker, the NT1 metal gears are thicker as well. So if you used the new bevel and metal gears it will be MUCH tighter than the old bevel and composite gears.
Seems like there is room for questions about shimming and it's need based upon each persons situation.
I know what you mean......I've "only" been racing since -79....but that doesn't change the fact that there's absolutely no need to shim any different then the manual states.

It's the same for use in the NT-1 as well.

And the metal NT-1 gears are NOT any thicker.

Have personally buildt 5 XB4's this season since we started racing them in early January.

They have seen hard pack indoor clay, high grip astro, loose dirt and tracks with concrete/wooden sections........not a single issue running 5.5T-7.5T boosted !

We started running the NT-1 gears back in January with the V1.

I now have 5 sets of diffs (10) with 3 sets having the NT-1 metal gears and lightweight aluminum pins and they are all shimmed exactly the same way as the original plastic ones.
And they get cleaned out, inspected and added fresh oil prior to every race.

There's no difference in wear or resistance in any of them except for the metal gears being heavier and you can feel the added weight for short blips of the throttle.

Shim as stated in the manual, take care to have them properly filled and you will have zero issues

That's the beauty of Xray and their manufacturing tolerances compared to anything US made

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