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Originally Posted by rctrackman View Post
I think at this point the body discussion is a mute point. Yes...anything CAN be done but the point is NO class should be an exercise in customization. Since the body count (how apropos) is practically nil we can all but say this thread falls into the "Boy it would be cool if this existed" category.
As of now, there are NO bodies that fit the requirements of this proposed class.
If concessions to scale were part of the plan then you'd at least have the possibility of a start. Hell, I think VTA started with 2 bodies available from HPI.
That's what I'm talking about: there currently are no bodies that fit the bill for this class, at least the way I see it. Until someone does make some nice 200mm GTP, Group C, WSC or LMP bodies then your choices for where to race your WGT chassis is either in WGT or convert it to 235 and run with the Pro-10 guys. This scale/realism vs non-scale/performance has been going on for a long time. The most recent I believe was during the inception of WGT-take a look at this older thread and reply#14:


In regards to WGT we all know who won out, just look at the approved body list or go see a race. What drives me crazy is that a body like the PF Gianna can be legal for the class-a fictional car that does not exist in real life, but a 200mm Ferrari 430 by Tamiya is not!

So I think we've reached a dead end for now, at least the way I envision WGTP being about. If you guys aren't as interested in scale as much as I am, and are cool with allowing the bodies that are currently out there then that's fine. At least it's better than WGT, LOL! I will therefore tender my resignation as "decider" and let you guys run with it.
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