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Originally Posted by rctrackman View Post
Just because the body fits on their chassis DOES NOT mean it'll fit on a WGT chassis.
As others have said, just because the chassis it is designed for has body mounts in one location doesn't mean you have to move your body posts to the same place. Two minutes with a body reamer fixes that.

The LM-F chassis is 200mm wide with a 270mm wheelbase. Width matches WGT chassis, but the wheelbase is out. As long as the body doesn't have the wheel arches pre-cut (which one does?) you can just cut them to match, or it wouldn't difficult to make an extension plate to move the front suspension blocks forwards to get the wheelbase to match the body.

Regarding small tyres, truing them down to nothing so they only last a handful of runs is all to do with chassis handling, and something that's only come about recently, since we moved to lipo and brushless. Truing them down means the handling is more stable with less chance of the tyres grabbing and grip rolling when grip has built up. I know a lot of our national level 1/12th racers will run full size foams at club meets, and when they get small keep them for nationals where the grip is so much greater. These cars are bigger, heavier and slower, the only reason to run tyres that small for anywhere but big events is because everyone else does it.

We used to run RC10L3s years ago on a low grip carpet, when the tyres got down to around 4mm thick we would bin them as they stopped giving enough grip.
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