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Originally Posted by Kevin K View Post
This one statement sums up the issue with this taking off the ground completely. Speaking as someone whos has been helping run a series in our area for 10 years now this is big part of the problem. People do not travel like in years past. Economy, jobs and time are all factors more so than any format or class. You need to have people that are willing to travel from each track to the other tracks in the series. You will end up with a core group of die hard racers but to keep it sustained its the real challenge. Another core issue with a series is that you have 2 groups of racers to pull from. Casual racers and hard core racers....both like to race but the casual racers are not looking to go to more than a 1 day race or travel more than 1 hour from home....the hard core guys will do whatever it takes to race. Pleasing both is a struggle this format alone might put off some hard core racers..distance will put off the casual racers. Look at the AA series all of the tracks were in a 2 hour radius yet each track had racers that only went to a race at their local track and did not travel. Its a thankless job best of luck in getting this to take off. Anything that helps racing and local tracks is great!!!
Wouldn't you consider incorporating Hurricane series again into something like this and make it a midwest championship. Oh and there would be Mod TC.

Originally Posted by Rick Vessell View Post
What this guy said.

Another thing to consider is 'market saturation'. You have to consider other activities in your area, i.e. other racing series, when starting a new venture. There is already the AA series for outdoor, the Hurricane series for indoor, the UF1 Midwest series for F1. All of these take place entirely or in part in your market area. Scheduling and attendance are challenging with multiple options for racers.

Just my thoughts, take them for what you will.
While I fully agree about the series lets stop and ask the people who run the AA series.....Will there be a 2014 from everyone I have talked to it doesn't seem positive. In order to strive as much as it sucks the hobby shops will have to work together to make a series happen. After this year and last year I wouldn't be suprised to hear there is no AA. So to have something like this take over for outdoor season would be cool. Kick off on Carpet at RMR, Gate, Knapps, Summit, or Eric's maybe two races. Then run asphalt portion LH, Dayton, Whatever fairgrounds the region 5 race was on. Then finish races at RMR, Gate, Knapps, Eric's, or Summit

7 races total with x throw aways. You could keep it even more midwest and forget Ohio or only go to Dayton etc. There are plenty of options for tracks and I'm sure you could get track owners to sign on. You could even condense it to IL, IN, MI and still get a full series. Just using dedicated tracks. I love me some asphalt but there doesn't need to be 3 races you can set it up as you please. They would just need to be one day more than likely Saturday races due to travel.
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