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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Thanks for the answers.

Concerning the differentials, I think i will keep the 5-7-2 setup this fits my driving style most. Im running a 4S 6500 mAh Tekin RX8 Gen2 and T8 1900 kv.
I think you would consider this as a heavy setup.

Unfortunately we don`t have any indoor tracks near by so its all about outdoor.

Yes in addition to the pistons recomended in Adam Drake`s standard
outdoor setup i ordered all TLR oils from 40WT to 30WT.

I still don`t have an idea what "splits" pistons are ?
I understand that there are tapered pistons and pistons
which have holes with different diameters but i never heard of "splits".

@XXXDAD: My english skills are limited what exactly is 1`s ?
Im reading it on the setup sheet too ? "1's up and 1's down front pivot"
Are we talking about the Kickup inserts ?


You may want to consider going to a higher rear diff oil. Sometimes with such a light diff oil like 2k in an 8th scale, the rear end can unload in sweeping turns and cause very strange behavior.

Splits simply means that half the holes are one size and the other half are another size. It is a piston we sell.
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