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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Hello Guys,

yesterday i was able to take my brand new 3.0E for a ride on our local track.
I was amlost as quick as i am with my current car (6 ECO) and i feel that
there is potential and more to come.

I changed the diff setup to 5k-10k-2k and im pretty satisfied with that.
Quite good acceleration with good on- and off-power steering.
I will try 7k in center diff to make it a bit calmer on acceleration.

The problem i have is the suspension. The car tends to become quite nervous
during the rougher track sections even on straits, and it gets a bit "bitchy" or
instable during landing after mid to big jumps.

As i understood the current kit comes more or less with a indoor type of setup regarding pistons and oils.
I took a look on the outdoor standard setup from Adam Drake posted on TLR HP.
He uses 8 hole 1,3 mm in the front and "splits" at the rear.
I ordered these pistons by the way.

#1 Do you guys think the new pistons + the oils will solve my problems mentioned above.

#2 How does a "split" piston look like ? is it with conical holes or different diameter on one piston ?

Thanks for your help
If you have not tried it, i would try the box stock setup with TLR oils not the kit oils as they are a bit off. If your going indoors put 0-0 blocks up front, if your going outdoors stick with what the build says to use. Also, if you are running a heavier car (with a standard 4s lipo os or 2-standard 2s batteries and a normal T8) try 40 shock oil in front and 37.5 oil in the rear as this was suggested by Ryan Dunford to me.
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