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Originally Posted by ThePanda View Post
what weight or viscosity of oil in the shocks? dont put anything on the spur or pinion its not needed
Oil for street try to use softer oil. around 25-30wt 3 holes piston. And the spring you are using is really stiff...... try something 2.8 to 3.0 front and 2.6 to 2.8 rear. In modified class we are running 4.5t motors. As these motors with right gearing and battery you can get around 90-100km/h speed on the straight. You really need some good tires, surface and setup to get the car handle properly. On dusty street surface try some 24 or 25 degree rubber, or for foam use 30 or 32 degree foam for nitro touring. For the foam make sure you run the tires design for front in front and for rear for rear. Even the hardest is same the compound is different.
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