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Originally Posted by CraigM View Post
Just a longer rear wheelbase because the motor is further back with the Smokem V7 compared to the RB

Kentech mod has no screws in the motor mount so the flex point is more or less in the middle of the car

Smokem conversion has only 1 top deck screw in the motor mount at the front which moves the flex point forward, but also lets the top deck to flex freely above and behind the layshaft like yokomo/raceberry

Sepes conversion (like 417) can't do that configuration easily, either it will be just like kentechs mod with the flex completely in the center or it will be like a standard 417 with the rear end very stiff

The best of all worlds is the 418, it has a captured layshaft so you can run it like the yoke/RB but also has screw holes over the layshaft to stiffen up the rear end if the track demands that
For the Smokem - there are actually top deck screw holes on the motor/layshift mount so it is possible to stiffen up the rear if required.

One advantage of Smokem is that, if you have V5 bulkheads, then you don't need to add any shims under the topdeck. If you are running 417/417x bulkheads, then you need 1mm under but have the option to not add the shims and level the motor mount + screw to stiffen up.

The other advantage is that the original 417V5 bottom deck/belts can be used with the smokem.

Overall, I feel that the Smokem provides a more consistent drive/ more rear grip than stock with the same setting, someone us have therefore, changed our setup to give more steering.
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