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Originally Posted by cgroves View Post
For those who are running mid-motor setups. What changes did you find you needed to make to the cars overall setup if any? I'm currently running Hofer's std setup on asphalt and I'm thinking of running the Mi5s in mid-motor at IIC.
I'm running the mid motor set up on carpet and it has worked great so far! I'm using Hofers LRP Masters carpet set up with Yokomo Pink and Blue springs.

Originally Posted by The Teacher View Post
I'm going to the IIC as well but have yet to find a good setup for the MI5 on carpet. My car just seems to flex way to much when the bite comes up. Do any of you have a good setup for carpet...???...or are most of you using Hofer's setup?
I haven't had any issues yet. I'm using the yokomo springs as stated above! Try the mid motor I think you will love it!

Originally Posted by olhipster1 View Post
i think for high traction carpet the mid motor option may provide results.
anyone running this? feedback please.

Yes! The car stays flat and is very neutral..

did you try the additional standoff on top deck?

I plan on getting the mid-motor setup soon.
Do it!! You wont regret it!

Originally Posted by gdcopbdcop View Post
Is anyone using the cut arms on carpet? Or are they leaving the arms alone?

so many questions, and I don't have a carpet track to practice on before the IIC!

Yes cut arms front and rear with mid motor. I believe the car was originally designed with the arms "cut".
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