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Originally Posted by columbia-mk2 View Post
The damper is working in symetric mode all the time, and has the same feeling in both directions.

The car is now around 10 months old, the joint looks always wet and rotates with the damper .

After 10 months - I would be sure to look a 2nd/3rd time at Spr02 and SPR01. While the orientation of the SPR02 might look correct when attached to the dampner you might find it has some deformity that will lead to an uneven rate.

SPR01 and SPR01s might result in the same.

Although some of the initial dampners would weap beyond the oring, many of them were just bleading out excess fluid. The revised orings and dampners showed less of that trait.

I didnt read far enough back to see if you were using the original dampners or the newer two piece units - regardless I would suggest that replacing the dampners to the new revised #6 or #3 units.

Originally Posted by hanulec View Post
Are you sure it isn't a bent spr02?
Page 11

Originally Posted by bertrandsv87 View Post
I saw the Videos, but it was not clear what caused you to slow down after you took the lead. The director hinted that your Car was running on three wheel drive, but it did not seem to have hit hard enogh to cause an outdrive to come loose....
It was a freak thing. I didnt hit a thing. The set screw of the spur axle loosened, the set pin disengaged and I was running FWD. Pretty fast for FWD only

Thankful that Awesomatix USA is close by to fix humpty dumpty. Read for the next round.

Originally Posted by Hebiki View Post
according to facebook..he was FWD only.
Thus why I like AWD! Thanks Limmer.
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