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Originally Posted by joeymdz View Post
Its funny that were talking about servos. I'm not sure if its my bls551 no centering or if its my servo saver. I bought the car used (roller) and had zero issues until recently. The servo saver was at 2.5mm and I went back to 1mm as per the manual. It seems to be corrected but that shouldn't of made a difference correct? Has anyone else had problems from their cars not centering?
I've had the same problem. I actually just pulled my servo saver apart after I left the track today to see if that was it. Mine seemed to be cranked down quite a bit also (bought mine used), but the servo saver plastic looked to be in perfect shape so I'm still not sure, but I am thinking it must be my older hitec 7955 from the nitro days getting a bit of slop in it.
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