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Originally Posted by Chris Brown View Post
When gluing the tires, there's two different thickness lips on the Shimizu tires. Which side gets glued to the outside, the thick or thinner lip? I would think the wider lip since that has more lateral forces to deal with.

Overall the build has gone great, with the exception of me losing the spur gear spacer. When installing the one piece thrust bearing with the thrust balls, does it just replace the disk springs and differential spacer?

Getting my servo on Sunday and will hopefully get to drive by next Sunday. Thanks for the help on here so far ad I'm sure I'll run in to more as I get track time.
You just need to replace the 1150 bearing with the one piece thrust bearing.
The diff springs and spacer are still needed but the diff springs need to be mounted like this way )( (they need to be mounted the other way then stated in the manual)
If you would mount the diff springs as stated in the manual the thrust bearing wouldn't work well.
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