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Originally Posted by macavant View Post
Is that for mod ? TIA.
Maybe a little lighter for softer motors but not much. I think I used 2k last time I ran 17.5 & it felt pretty good. Tuning the diff is about balancing turn-in and on-power grip and for me it's pretty rare to go outside the window of 2-4k for 80% of tracks

Originally Posted by Mr.juarez View Post
Good question.


is 600k front diff a good start? Currently I have 2k rear diff oil, but some have suggested 1k. This weeks layout will be high flowing with small turns so I suppose I can out 3k. Also I'm running gt3 21.5 motors. I think I going to try 32.5 and 30 rear shock oils and I might come down one spring size as I traction rolled last week once.
Arrr sorry I misread your post, I thought you were proposing 600cst rear diff.

Yes I think 600k is too light for the front, I always use putty. Maybe you could use 1mil or 2mil oil in 21.5. I have a suspicion the front diff will make traction roll worse as it will let the front roll deeper into the corner, see how you go I guess.
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