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Originally Posted by Xpress View Post
I guess it's a coincidence that there is an ETS race scheduled for the same weekend?
Originally Posted by abailey21 View Post
Doesn't Mike Boylan and his crew usually have his dates and snowbirds announcement months ago? Like a couple months if not weeks after the race is held?

Like this thread posted in march of 2013, which I'm guessing is well before the 2014 ETS Dates were annouced? Snowbirds 20th Annual
To be fair, there are only so many race dates available. Having said that, the European organizers generally do not take U.S. races into consideration when picking dates for their races. The last three Reedy Race of Champions have conflicted with either Worlds warm up (in Europe) or Euros warm up races.

In the end it won't really matter much - the Snowbirds will probably lose a couple of Euro drivers while the ETS will lose nobody.

FYI the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the same weekend as the 'birds which is the main reason I am never there. RROC Off-Road the weekend before so a lot of stuff crammed into two weekends.
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