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Originally Posted by Purdue Engineer View Post
Ryan or Casper,
I'm starting my build today and have a few questions.

When building the servo saver, do we really back the nut off 5 1/2 turns or should I lock it down? The SCTE 2.0 we locked it down tight.

Also I'm assuming that the front clip has 10 deg. build it and 15 deg spindles like the SCTE 2.0. Is this right? On setup sheets that say 27 degs, that would be plus 2 on the hinge pin inserts (1 up and 1 down). Am I right in thinking this?

Thanks Guys!
Tighten down the servo saver and back it off about 1/2 a turn. Kit setup does not assume you will use a top of the line servo that can take the abuse! If you do lock down the servo saver understand you are putting your servo at risk and should use a high end servo.

The SCTE uses 10 deg caster blocks.

Both cars have nominal 10 deg kickup.

The 8ight 3.0 kit setups calls for front kick up spacers to be 1 up in front and 1 down in rear to give an extra 2 deg to the nominal 10 deg kickup and 15 deg caster.
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