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My .02 is that I am currently overloaded with options... I can pick any given weekend and choose whether I want to do offroad / Onroad in multiple directions. Oh wait, do I want to do electric or nitro? Granted, nitro is still a minority, there are still guys doing it.. Midwest nitro series, Midwest electric series, Midwest Series, Asphalt Assault, those are just the traveling series that take a lot of racers away from the club scene...

What offroad has, is a set class list: 1/10 buggy and SC are the two biggest classes. Mod or stock, no big deal same tires, body, different motor, which is more appealing IMO.

On road classes I feel are region specific in popularity, adding confusion. There are these motor combos: Brushed (Westgate), 25.5 (VTA), 21.5 (Mini, F1, USGT), 17.5 (TC) , 10.5t (Leisure) mod (TC)... Bodies: Mini, VTA, USGT, TC, F1... Tires: Mini, VTA, USGT, and Sedan tires.... So really, I don't know exactly what will be run when I get there, or what setup to work on leading up to a race...

Offroad: 1:10 2wd stock/mod buggy, and stock SC is like universal language at all these offroad tracks... Onroad needs this language. VTA is like that, but again, there's too much confusion whether the guy should switch his chassis over, especially if he doesn't like the speed of VTA...
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