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Originally Posted by Nexus View Post
As much as some hate Short Course..its done well for offroad.

USGT/VTA/TC is still essentially the same platform. There is no equivelent to SC in onroad. Basically a fun, easy to drive/set up, and rarely breaks. Plus I can mess with in my yard or a park. I always thought some type of cheaper Rally style car would be the answer.

I like both on and offroad, but realize onroad at a weekly club level is just not like what it used to be for many reasons. Because of that I keep a SC, buggy, F1, TC or whatever ready to roll at any time.
Nexus- your sct comparison is a valid point. When we had SCT running during onroad days, while popular, was not well received, in general, by the on-road crowd at all. Overtime,both sides ended up with much lower participation overall......., however, there are places where they both play together successfully.

This is not the place for that discussion, as Barry is looking to do something very different from what I can see.
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