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Originally Posted by Team Lotus View Post
Need a little help.......have an F104W with the Wolf body. I remember reading somewhere on this thread that the kit tires that come with the car are crap, and
need to be replaced. What are the tires I should get?; and bear in mind that I'm looking for the wider tires that fit the 70's era of that car. The car will be raced on an asphalt parking lot
You want wheels and tyres for the F103. Pit Shimizu makes F103 equivalents of their F104 tyres, with similar part numbers. Part number 571 and 572 are the popular F104 tyres, so for the F104W you want 541 and 542 tyres for the F103, and a set of F103 wheels made for foam tyres. Rear tyres are 5mm smaller in diameter than the kit tyres, but the motor pod will let you lower the axle to use them fine.
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