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Originally Posted by TeamCody View Post
Thanks for the info. I have torn my 1/10 pan back down to setup for 1S 13.5 WGT, since my setup isn't ideal for that. Locally we were racing boosted 2S 10.5 in our 1/10 class and I had my car set pretty stiff for the added weight and speed. Purple rear spring, 35wt oil, red side springs 50k tubes and 1/12 kingpins with Associated .022 springs. However, I am still on short arm and only have the top brace 1776.

This winter however, we will adopt the traditional WGT rules for 1/10 pan and the class is poised to grow quite a lot.

I am going to setup more along the lines of Bryan's setup from CRC's site.

I do have a question though:

Would you suggest running the servo reversed with P#: 17402
Or run standard servo setup with chassis stiffener P#:1785

Naturally I am going to install a long arm setup for this and keep the #1776 multi brace

I continue to run the reversed servo position for my carpet/asphalt setups. However, the last setup I saw on Brian's Snowbirds car did not.

I have not used the #1785 chassis stiffener in quite a while; except to modify one to test the positioning the steering servo in the reversed position. Then CRC came out with their vastly improved versions #17402/#17403 front plates of this concept. Depending on track conditions, I use both of these plates as tuning aids.

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