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Originally Posted by Still Bill View Post
Hi Cody,

When compared to the regular length upper arms, the long arms have less camber change as the front suspension moves under load in a corner. This option is very helpful when running at a major race to avert traction rolling when the traction comes up. Most IIC tracks have ended up having a solid black line of rubber develop in the groove (driving line) through the turns.

I would start the IIC with the long arms from the very beginning of the week because you will be pretty much tuning for "high traction race conditions" within two days of the start of practice anyway.

At the IIC...please do seek out Brian Wynn (aka "Dumper"), Frank Calandra (himself), Dave Ehrlich and/or Brian Bodine (Mr. Slapmaster) of Team CRC to get the best setup information for the current track conditions. You cannot go wrong with them behind you...

And don't fret over traction rolling. This is usually resolved by using less camber in front. But, not any more than you have to take out. Sometimes the camber in the two sides of my car can end up being about 1/4-3/8 degree different because I tune for right and left turns independently of each other.

Show us your setup.


Thanks for the info. I have torn my 1/10 pan back down to setup for 1S 13.5 WGT, since my setup isn't ideal for that. Locally we were racing boosted 2S 10.5 in our 1/10 class and I had my car set pretty stiff for the added weight and speed. Purple rear spring, 35wt oil, red side springs 50k tubes and 1/12 kingpins with Associated .022 springs. However, I am still on short arm and only have the top brace 1776.

This winter however, we will adopt the traditional WGT rules for 1/10 pan and the class is poised to grow quite a lot.

I am going to setup more along the lines of Bryan's setup from CRC's site.

I do have a question though:

Would you suggest running the servo reversed with P#: 17402
Or run standard servo setup with chassis stiffener P#:1785

Naturally I am going to install a long arm setup for this and keep the #1776 multi brace

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