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Originally Posted by kyoshoracer77 View Post
I am getting a new rb6 at the end of the month.
what spares do I need
Kraig: Things that have carried over to this car from previous generations that people have replaced are, rear hubs and rear hinge pin carriers. While I have been fortunate in not needing to replace these items others will say they broke them. Your experience will vary with these parts.

The new rear hinge pin carriers allow you to adjust rear toe and overall rear width of the car. See post #1 for what changing the width does. If you do purchase some bling definitely go with these.

what do I need to replace befor I race it
Kraig: the only thing in addition to the above items you may want to look at the steering rack. While I haven't broken a plastic piece I have purchased the aluminum piece from Exotek and Kyosho and have not had an issue since with them. They very well could have made changes to the mold for this piece but I haven't kept up on that.

and what up with the rb5 front alxes and hex hud in the front instead of the stock rb6 front alxes/hex??
Kraig: Nothing really. Jared runs them but I haven't had the opportunity to ask him why. I think one thing this does is that it allows you to run non-Kyosho wheels without the wheel actually rubbing on the steering knuckle. Then again I could be completely wrong and people will correct me.

where do I find the 4 hole 55 shock pistons?
Kraig: the 4 hole 55 piston is a Losi shock piston. You have to buy their bag of pistons to get what you need.

Now if you have your own set of drill bits you can pickup these, KYOW5303-08. These are blank pistons and which allow you to drill your own size. These have little dimple marks in them to help keep the drill in one spot as you drill your holes.
I answered your questions above.

One thing to keep an eye on his the front hinge pin brace. If you take some hard or have some weird landings it may bend. They did redesign this part and the new ones have a line in them right in the middle. I don't know if this new part made it into the kits or not but the part number is KYOUM720B.

Have fun!
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