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Originally posted by RCknight
I have to agree and disagree. Cars like the Pro 4 and Tamiya 415 have slightly larger arms, slightly larger c-hubs and wheel knuckles. The arms are bigger than a TC3/4, but they are molded carbon. I think this is the better way. Making them stronger, but yet they are as light or lighter than the smaller stock TC3/4 counter part. A carbon part that is stonger than a plastic one. Just my theory. Anyone weigh the difference between a TC3/4 plastic arm and a Tamiya one?

Yes I know that many cars have heavier suspension than the TC3 and TC4 but I ment that I think they went the wrong way on the TC4 by making the suspension parts heavier.

I liked the leightweigth suspension and the low CG of the TC3 and I feel that this was the reason for the TC3 beeing a very fast car.

To me it seems that they took the TC3 and just changed the parts that people complained about, but forgot to try to make the new car faster.

To build a faster car is getting more and more difficult but it is possible if you put a lot of effort into it, that's for sure.

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