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Default general driving help

this is more a general driving help question rather than setup.
this is for 21.5 blinky TC and last night 2-4 spread in a heat was 0.5 over 5 mins so a little in lap times makes a big difference.

My fastest laps always seem to be early on in the race say lap 2-5 usually when i feel i am finding my way and not driving near the limit. As I get what feels faster times drop off by up 0.5 I know this is the way I drive and slower can be faster. For instance i was scrubbing in a brand new set of green tyres once and just cruising around for about 5 laps knocking of the seam and did my fastest lap that day by 0.8
What do people do to things like steering expo or throttle to maybe slow down the way they drive. one guy last night suggested slowing down steering so the car reacts slower (yet to try) or is it more just general smoothness.
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