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Originally Posted by bigbadbasher View Post
I can understand going to a whole new version. I have a 2.0 but i just bought the 3.0 Nitro what, 3 weeks ago? Converted it only to find out 3 weeks later that a different chassis E version is released? They could of said we are working on an E version instead of letting all the people buy the nitro version and convert it knowing damn good and well they was about to release an E version but failed to mention that. There is a difference in needing money to keep the business and hobby alive and screwing loyal customers. Justifying it by saying "you should of known" isn't very justifiable imho.

Either way like stated above, it is only money. In the short 4 or 5 months i been in this hobby i have dropped some SERIOUS $ in this hobby (it's easy to do). I just feel shafted is all and im sure im not the only one.
If they would have announced it three weeks ago the guy that converted his three weeks before that would have been mad.... it is a never ending cycle,you see what I mean? The couple of boys that race around here kick all the guys with the purpose built electric cars butts every weekend so It isn't always the car, heck they even run Dynamite RC speedo and motors.
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