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gijoe64: The Andy Kraemer setup is also using rubber tires on carpet. Others have used Thad’s asphalt setup with some luck.

Loosenut: The only item you have to address is that the steering blocks fit slightly tight in the c-hubs. We’re testing preproduction corrected parts now. They will come out as a running change. Other than filing those, all that you need to do is prep and seal the chassis edges (like any graphite plate car) and build with care, noting any update sheets included in your kit. There is a version 1.1 gear and backing plate that comes with the newest batches. Ensure that it is included and that it is, literally. US customers can call customer service if their kit doesn’t have the version 1.1 gears. I spent a lot of time making sure all the little details the pro drivers used to do by hand on other cars are automatically incorporated into the fit of the stock parts. Take your time building the car and you are set. Oh yeah, make sure you have quality hand tools… it is almost assumed, but anytime I have seen hardware problems it stems from old hand tools or low quality hand tools. Hands down with the Pro 4, you will have one of the quietest and one of the smoothest drivetrains for a box stock car. The stock bearings are already lubed with light oil instead of grease so you don’t even have to degrease them and re-lube.
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