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Hi NDZ, my 3S lipo was only 45C (Zippy) and was not good enough for the ESpirit, I ended using 90C 2S lipos with it, 4.5T team powers and Hobbywing 2.1 120 ESC. The car is very fast but i have to check all my lipos because they tend to get fat with this electronic. I have to check if this is a problem with lipos or ESC. I used a little turbo ESC function. I recommend you not to use lipos with less than 90C with it. 7200 mah 90C Team Powers Lipo is not fat by now.

I use the car in 200 mm config with nitro touring foams. Those tires are easy to find and cheaper and the car must be a little ligther that way.

About laptimes, i donīt know but the car is really fast and has best traction than ordinary rubber touring cars with those foams.

Enjoy your car, E-Spirit is a beast.
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