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Originally posted by rough512

I'm still using the PB suspension on my original T1 (the very first one). I agree on the convenience on changing of casters. No need to buy new caster blocks.

Regarding the PB suspension being too heavy, I haven't weighed it yet but I believe the a front PB assembly (arms, upright, axle) is still lighter to a C-hub assembly using the aluminum parts. Some people resort to aluminums to remedy the C-hub frailty (This only applies to drivers who still have issues with the barriers)

The PB suspension is harder to setup but it's a small price to pay to greater adjustibility possible. Just by moving clips, you can try out all possible caster without going out to buy a different block.

and my favorite part...

no more kingpins going loose on you.

impulse racer: thanks for the info re: the short arms. What else do I need to convert to the short arm?

I don't even think the old T1 parts are still available. I still have a bunch because I never broke any to replace anything. So you should not need anything. If you have a FOC you should aready have the short arms. IF not then you will need the 2 rear axle/driveshafts, left and right wide offset front steering blocks, and the left and right short upper A arms. The lower A arms are the same.
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