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Originally Posted by rcpaintinpete View Post
Hey guys need a lil help from my USVTA fellow racers
Please log in to or like fseara on Facebook or fseara .com and for the USVTA rules to be used in this Florida series
We need a bit of help from real Usvta racers .
Please help me keep USVTA strong hear in Florida

Thank you so much for all your help
Think your link is wrong but I managed to find the poll. I have no business voting since I'm 1000 miles away from FL., but I did. You might point out to the people asking the question, "ROAR or USVTA," that ROAR still has not officially updated it's 2010 rule book which specifies VTA as a 21.5 class, but has run it as a 25.5 for several recent major events. Point is that you don't have an official written reference for ROAR rules where USVTA rules have been mostly unchanged going on three years now.

And for the whiners that complain about battery availability, there are a whole bunch of new reasonably priced 5000mah batteries available from several different manufacturers now. Many of them are marketed specifically as VTA packs and all of them good enough for use in a variety of classes beside just VTA. I have one of the new Trinity "Sting Extreme" packs and I love it. I haven't even run it in VTA yet, just USGT and it has been very competitive so far.
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