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Just a comment on set ups. Set ups can vary widely from surface to surface, track to track, and rules to rules. Lately though, it seems as if my base set up is the same for all the tracks and all the different surfaces. The set up has been posted several times and is the same one that I send back if you PM me for a set up.

Also, the set ups can vary with the relative skill level of the driver and driver preference for how the car "feels". I'm going to use I)arkness or B. Portelli as an example here. His driver skill level is much higher than mine so his requirements are different. He uses a stiff front and a soft rear set up and mine is the exact opposite. If I drove his car, and this is just a guess, I'd probably scare myself half to death. If he drove mine, he'd promptly fall asleep. If his car is a SWB, that would be another reason for the set up differences.

One other thing that has a major influence on set ups etc. is how loose or tight the diff is. Some people are obsessed with whether it's a gear diff or a ball diff. Folks, it doesn't make any difference whether it's a gear diff or a ball diff. There isn't a driver alive who can tell the difference as long as both are smooth in operation and are set to the same "tightness".

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