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Wow were gettin' started already.......

"Motor Specifications:
25.5 brushless with 2C LiPo: Novak SS25.5 Pro brushless motor (pn:3425V) Ballistic 25.5 (pn:3625V- stator only pn:S6625) Club (pn:3331) or Boss (pn:3626V) ONLY combined with any hard-cased 2C 7.4v LiPo pack up to and including 5000 mAh capacity. Novak motors are the ONLY motor allowed at this time. All house track rules regarding LiPo usage apply. Only physical motor timing advance is allowed, however Ballistic motors must not be advanced beyond the last line of the timing range sticker. 12.3 mm rotor diameter only (no "tuning" rotors are allowed, only stock Novak rotors allowed). Using ceramic bearings in the motor makes you a dork. No modifications or optional parts allowed on motor can, endbell, stator, or rotor, other than the Boss #5925 Ballistic 540 Vented Endbell/Bearing Racing Upgrade Kit (replacement) . No cooling holes or other changes allowed to motor. Fans and external clip on heatsinks are allowed, but integral type heatsinks/fans including but not limited to those that require motor disassembly to mount are illegal.

All decisions of the race promoter or track owner are final. "

I put the "approved" sticker on the box and took the picture after we tested the motor last night. Everything was set up identically to the Ballistic motor in the test car and the lap time was .1 slower on hot lap!! A little timing adjustment and the car was exactly the same speed as the Ballistic. As it was mentioned, the motor ran about 10*F cooler, so we will allow the Novak vented endbell to be used on the other motors.

I really want to keep everything as close to the same as possible but obviously this will be the only motor manufactured going forward, so the endbell allowance is a natural to keep things even. Novak was good enough to warn us that this was coming and worked with us to ensure that the motors would as close as possible in performance to what we had, and I appreciate that. It looks like they have been able to get it right. Mucho thanks to them!

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