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I don't see it as an issue. Seems how I am converting my blitz to what is practically a 1/8th buggy other than the fact that it will be 2wd, I will try to join the site. People on all rc forums share threads from other forums all the time. It isn't like everyone on rctech is going to switch to this other forum. I rely on many rc forums for different things.

URC for rc news and a few funny/cool threads
rctech for my local track and the lounge
and finally rcsparks for looking at epic mods

seeming how every time I ask a specific question on this site in the section (usually minis or short course) I either get no response or someone saying it has been asked before and to search it. The search function on this site is so useless it is easier to post on another forum and wait or call the lhs. Meanwhile on other forums (URC mainly) there are two questions that are asked at least every other day:

What bl system for my truck?
how to get started with lipos?

Many members there go out of their way to either explain it or link to a good thread about the specific topic and offer to help if the newbie still needs it.
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