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Originally posted by azpd
Since all GP 3300 come from the same place and no matcher makes their batteries magically better than the rest, all the consumer can hope for is honest numbers listed on the labels. Obviously if a matcher list "better numbers" he/she will sell more. Within the last year I have purshed SMC, Fukuayama, Hurricane and SPC cells. After testing all cells when new only SPC had numbers close to what the label listed. I know what some are thinking...different matchers...different temps...BLAH..BLAH..BLAH... All I know is that when SPC cells listed at 1.169 out peforms SMC cells listed at 1.189 by voltage, IR, runtime and transfer the info to a graph displaying the discharge curve that is proof to me. SMC, Fukuayama and Hurricane are lying.
Talk about lying...Someone with one post on this whole site comes on here and bashes almost every sponsor of this site...Get a life. SMC, Fukuayama and Hurricane have been around longer than most other matchers out there and have too much on the line to lie about numbers. SMC goes through more cells in a month than most in 6 months!!

Get a life!!

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