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Originally Posted by grippgoat View Post
From the Eryx part list:
401359 Pully solid axle 38T
401360 Pully middle 19T + spacer (3)

So you're correct, 38 / 19 = 2.0.

Edit: And internal * spur / pinion = 2.0 * 92 / 46 = 4.0

I can't help you with top speed, though.

Cool, always nice to know I can still do math haha!

So using this website

if I enter 2 at the top under "Front/Rear Differential Gear Ratio" and fill in the rest. I get a theoretical top speed of 65mph. Does that sound about right for a 4600kv motor on 2S lipo with 92 spur / 46 pinion? The real reason im trying to figure this out is so I can run a couple setups. I plan to get a second identical setup for my son who is 6. He mostly parking lot races with me and does very well with the DM1e I got him which I have set to run about 45 mph. Same with an 8.2e buggy. I want to speed him up as he gets better and hopefully he will be able to do some competitive racing at the local tracks down the road. He is a pretty technical 6yo as we have built the 4 kits we have together. Way better than Legos IMO. Thanks again for the help!
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