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Hi, hoping I could get some advice. I have recently got back into the hobby and have been playing around with 1/8 but decided I would like to get into 1/10 TC as there are more options for racing locally. I have a Cobra GT-e which is a great car so the S411 ERYX seems like natural choice as I have been very happy with Serpent. There is a nice track about an hour from me that runs 17.5 stock and 13.5 spec classes. Plus there is plenty of parking lot racing meetups in the area.

I have been reading through this massive thread as well as any other info I can find. 1/10 TC is way more technical and tweaky than GT8. So basically I am trying to figure out a good start point to work from. Right now i'm leaning toward a D3.5 Maxilla 13.5T, Vortex R10 Pro ESC, Futaba S9352HV (already own 4 so why not another) for electronics. I have plenty of Tekin and Castle 1/8 gear which have been great and I like but thought I might try something different. I would welcome any feed back on my choices.

My big issue is where to start on gearing, what pinion/spur combo? I know this is a loaded question but I have to start somewhere. I would be running on outdoor small to medium sized tracks. From what I can find on the internet around a 5.0 FDR would be good for starters. Not sure how to calculate backwards from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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