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Originally Posted by egalsim View Post
I just want to take this opportunity to thank USVTA and RCGT for getting me back into touring cars. Last time I had one, the RS4 Pro was top of the line and everyone raced bodies that looked like cars that were on TV, or that you would see at the local streetracing hangout. When the Stratus bodies started coming in with the dish wheels and "custom" paintjobs, it was a BIG turnoff for me, and a couple of the guys I used to go to the local track with. So, I just got bored with it and left the hobby for awhile. After a divorce, and life, I wanted to do something that was fun again, now that I have much more disposable income, and time. I looked online at the HPI site and saw all the new stuff and this thing called RCGT. Then doing more research, I discovered USVTA. Totally reminded me of all the cool looking cars that came from the 60's and 70's and the RCGT class reminded me of what made touring cars so cool when I had my RS4 Pro. To this day, I will not spend a dime on a "dish" wheel, no matter how good it makes the car perform, but, I will buy a $100 set of aluminum wheels that match a set of BBS wheels I saw on a CLK touring car on BTCC. I hope the rules of body, and wheels bleed off into other classes of Touring car racing, maybe then, will I enter into a modified TC race. For now, USVTA and RCGT will be my money pits. Again, thank you.
What a great post. I was never big in TC when it was young, but I missed the days of dirt cars looking more like real buggies than the RC cars of today. Think Scorpion and Frog. Anyway I was pleased to see something catching on that had cars of a streetable look. I had my own struggles in wanting VTA to be something that it was not, but I have come to appreciate it at face value and love it for its virtues. This is the best class to race for pure fun and close racing. USGT picking up where RCGT was slipping and becoming a more and more popular supporting class for VTA and also addressing many of the complaints for those that like the idea of VTA but want more motors and more ESC choices and more bodies etc.
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