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Originally Posted by esckalayd View Post
First weekend out with the car on asphalt @ the ROAR Region 4 electric road Regionals ( and all weekend i was chasing more rotation and more steering. My setup to get the car into an A main final podium position was a bit odd ball from what some other guys had, but it definitely was one of the fastest sedans according to track times.

if you are chasing more steering or rotation, switch the shims in the rear arms so the arms move closer to the front. Car will rotate a lot better
i had similar problems you describe and have almost eliminated the understeer in the slower corners,heres what i started with
so from that i moved the front shock to hole #2 and used 2.3/2.6 (thanks damian) progressives on the front and 1000cst oil in the rear diff made the car easy to get in and out of corners and the timesheet said it was faster too,i tried the shorter wheelbase at another track and it didnt work for me,i think if you run the shorter wheelbase you will have to adjust your set up to suit it,i ran 1.5 rear camber which doesnt wear 3mm of the outside edge of the tyre,this gave me more rotation as it reduced the rear grip slightly,looking at your set up i wouldnt say it was that aggresive tbh,im going to test 400cst oil in the shocks and the 2.5/2.8 springs on the front next time out
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